Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Meddling Dweebs Destroy Canada


(article on piss-poor Canadian innovation)

This is very true: I had to leave the country to get my hands on serious budget to run innovative projects. I have now been out of Canada for over a decade and am making nice money and have won many awards. All of this could have been to Canada's benefit, but to be blunt: the country is deeply lame and has been taken over by lamos: risk-averse dweebs in Dockers. It is why all the cool innovation comes from other countries.

I would only go back if some serious cash was on offer and a promise: no meddling dweebs please!

My whole life I've dealt with meddling dweebs! They really are destroying the place. When I first started at the old company, we had dweeb shelter, powerful people who could straddle both worlds, and use the nastiest Machiavellian techniques to get money and protect their people. Then these people were destroyed by modern technology, which allowed dweebs to control every aspect of your life! Now, you can't hide anywhere!

For example, I know a local technology firm that has just been bought out by a giant dweeb-mill. The tentacles of control creeping out are unbelievable. Even when all the smart people jump, where can they go?

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