Thursday, February 11, 2010

Health Records For All!


and reported Wednesday that security was so inadequate that there was a high risk of online interlopers being able to access information.

Do you know you can't do a direct cut and paste from these web news sites anymore? They have found a way to attach their ads to the clips! I have to put it through a plain ascii editor, and then recopy.

But, I digress. When I was new at the old company, we had the mainframes, and the whole computing world was controlled by these priests in their temple. Man, were they dumb! I always had fights with them. Flash ahead to when the whole place was controlled by Micro-soft-heads. Even Dumber!

Now, I've had some exposure to these guys doing medical records. Holy Crap! They go into a whole new category! There isn't a speck of decent security on these medical records, and they keep this all hidden, because that would be a security risk! Nobody decent gets to review it. That's why I'm quite surprised this guy got a peek into the cesspool. It wouldn't happen in Ontario!

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