Friday, January 29, 2010

Working up a Knol

Well, the Knol-guy got me feeling guilty. He's the only one doing anything about Knols, and is feeling kind of lonely. I used to write lots of wikipedia articles, and then I wrote a lot of knols. Why did I stop?

Well, for the wiki-thing, I got as far as I could with public sources. Do you know what a pain it is to get images for those articles? Everybody puts conditions on those images, except the USGS, and I squeezed them as far as they could go! All the interesting stuff is behind the pay-wall, and I would never use that as a source, although many poorly-written wikis use them as references, which you can't check up.

So, the knol is "The Great Lakes Controversy"

-starts with a picture of the lakes
-looks like ice lobes, must be ice lobes
-reference to Kiplings 'Just So' stories, how the leopard got its spots, etc
-show pictures related to ice
-the concept of "The Glacial Bulldozer"
-yada yada

My brain has died! I have tons of material, but this looks tedious. I'll need some solid encouragement to keep this going. But for now, I am sinking with the weekend, my blog hits, my ad revenue, and maybe I'll come back Monday... :)

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Harold Asmis said...

I had to give up. I just couldn't find the pd maps that I remember from my youth. They are all tied up behind the paywall.