Friday, January 29, 2010

Texas Nukes Die


Texas' chances of getting a new nuclear power reactor look bleaker than ever.

NRG Energy chief executive David Crane said Friday morning that he's willing to walk away from plans to build two new reactors in South Texas if a deal to jointly share costs and ownership with the City of San Antonio unravels.

I always thought these plants had the very best chance of starting in the US. After all, it's in fat and growing Texas, and they don't give a shit about nuclear waste or the environment! The nuclear displaces burning oil!

But now, everybody is going gaga over the chance of cost overruns. Did the Niagara Tunnel scare them all? It used to be "No way these things are going over budget, so we won't even think about it!" What has happened to this fairy tale? Who burst their bubble?

So, no nuclear plants will be built until we are staring death in the face, or Houston loses its air conditioning! My dreams of actually getting a slice of the "new nuclear action" are shattered. :(

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