Monday, January 11, 2010

Public Servant Depression


I don't know why I'm writing this -- I feel so depressed from my lack of ad clicks...

It's an affliction among the country's nurses, teachers, police, military and bureaucrats at all levels of government, undermining innovation, productivity, quality of service, policy-making and even the relevance of our democratic institutions, said Bill Wilkerson, founder of Global Business and Economic Roundtable on Mental Health.

When I was with the old place, there was massive depression all around, but I was the only one under legitimate medical care. Most people just used ethanol. Is it the depression that undermines the institutions? Or is it something else that causes the depression? You can't say these guys are working too hard.

So here we have all these self-similar institutions, full of depressed people. Can they build a Niagara Tunnel? An Ottawa Tunnel? A new nuclear plant? An isotope reactor? I think not, but they can try....

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