Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Open Up the Gates, Dictator Harper

And so, it's Crunch Time in Canada. I have been happy sitting in my basement, and documenting this current destructive cycle of institutional corruption and incompetence. I have mentioned, through my writings, that all such cycles must come to their inglorious ends, and then we recover.

What is behind all this? Closed doors, drunken old boys, and public apathy. It's not just Harper, but he's at the top. Why should OPG have the right to squander billions with secretive incompetence? The lack of decent digital medical records will kill a lot of people. Our nuclear plants are all on the verge of shutting down, due to ham-handed operation, and we have no replacements.

But for now, the focus is Harper! If we take public apathy for granted, then on the surface, it's no big deal. Bad things happen in wartime, and we weren't getting much from those pesky committees. People will care less when the Olympics are on.

But what's the limit? Der Harper has gone to the extreme and shut the gates! It's not enough that he has destroyed every single federal institution with toadies. We are being exposed to nuclear risk, and food-poisoned by incompetence, and this is only the beginning of his grand plan (and the plan of every drunken old-boy!).

It's time for this cycle to end. OPEN THE GATES! Not just to a corrupt old parliament, but to everything! Let the sunlight in, and watch the worm turn! If we protest this closing, we can go on to other things. Personally, I get too cold out in the street, so I'll do my bit by blogging. :)


Anonymous said...

Give your head a shake!

Harold Asmis said...

Ha, ha! Back to acceptance....

Still, after a few more billion wasted by secretive organizations, there should be a sign of it coming to an end, and I want to pick it out!

We really should build a nuclear plant...