Friday, January 1, 2010

Nuclear seismic monitors - Part 3

There I was, hiding under a rock, when the next thing pole-axed me. Killer Keen's Political Purge threw out the only two people in the cnsc who knew how to spell 'earthquake'. I had no backup! Now, there was no incentive whatsoever to have anything actually working.

To kill this miserable story, P bought the sleaziest system ever, it never worked, and nobody cared. I did redeem myself with a system we put in D, but then they took over, and it went to ratshit. The only good thing I did was to put in two seismometers at D, and place them under the control of the GSC. I hope they still work, but nobody cares about what earthquakes are going to do to these nuclear plants. Bruce never did anything.

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