Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti Earthquake - Hundred Thousand Plus Dead


That's just a guess by a paper, but it would be up there with Tangshan, China. When I first saw it flash by on the ticker-tape, I estimated tens of thousands, but I don't really know the total population of the area.

Here's where it gets depressing, and outside of scientific inquiry. There's nothing to learn here, we've seen this again and again. I hope they can figure out housing which can withstand earthquakes and hurricanes. I'm not going to report on this anymore. Your ad clicks can stop me from sliding into depression. :) :( :) :) <=== bipolar!

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Harbles said...

Like Japan live in light Bamboo houses if the earth shakes.

As you have said time and again if you live in an active earthquake area the conciousness of the prob is high. If it only happens every other century or so, not so much awareness or prep. It will still knock everything poorly designed down.