Tuesday, January 12, 2010

AECL Botches Stop Sale


Ms. Raitt warned AECL's board seven months ago that it must get better control over its operations, particularly as the government was intent on restructuring the corporation with the aim of finding private-sector buyers.

“Containment of such [cost] pressures is critical to protecting the fiscal framework of the government, and to preserving the brand and value of AECL in the restructuring,” Ms. Raitt said in a letter to AECL chair Glenna Carr last June. The letter, stamped “secret,” was among documents Ms. Raitt inadvertently left at CTV's news bureau last summer.

This is priceless! Boss comes to aecl: "Be extra good kiddies, so I can sell you." That's like telling someone: "Invent a machine, so I can get rid of you."

We all know what happens.....

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