Monday, December 21, 2009

Linux Unfriendly Website

So, here's my sad 'Christmas Shoes Worthy' story. I could do my banking with Debian Linux and Firefox until last week. Then it could no longer connect at their on-line banking site. So, I emailed my concern, and all I got back was 'Nobody else has complained.' I did some further research and found this happens when they get an ms-droid who follows the company line. My xp computer connects.

I did more research, and I used

It could not connect. I wrote and said I would be much happier if they said they tested it with anything other than MS, but again I got the same answer. All their quality control depends on complaints! I've been told this type of story a zillion times, and I'm usually right! It takes a long time for others to complain.

So, for my Christmas gift, I want somebody who knows these protocols to tell the president what they screwed up. It is also, probably, bad security, to follow ms shortcuts.

On the other hand, it could be bugs in my latest unstable upgrade, but that's no fun. :)

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