Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Wishes

Time of the year for happy wishes, and these are the things I'd do with infinite power and money.

Nuclear Waste

Shut down the attempt to bury waste in the Geological Armpit of the World (Bruce). Sell AECL to China for a buck, and start cleaning up Chalk River (probably worse than Hanford!) Set up the Geofish Nuclear Research Institute at Port Hope. Put in a nuclear reactor for the high-speed electric trains connecting it to Montreal and Toronto (only stops!). Throw in billions to find a way to get cheap neutrons for Canada, by solving the Maple New Physics Issue. Use the neutrons to burn old nuclear waste, which we would temporarily store in a giant underground nuclear warehouse, and make nuclear isotopes. Bulldoze any vegetative Hopians who object.

Seismic Risk

Set up the Geofish Seismic Research Institute. Retire all those tired Emergency Measures people. Instrument all the eastern seismic zones to show they are all Sisters in Seismicity. Whap all those nuclear people on the jewels to get them ready for an earthquake. Be more aware of soft soils.


Set up the Geofish Geological Institute. Do a full 3-D representation of the crust in the east down to the Moho. Figure out what it means.

Merry Christmas!

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