Sunday, November 1, 2009

Company starts up new venture for mine-scale reactors


During the summer and fall, CRPC management began discussions related to the venture with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC), AECL, Natural Resources Canada, and a number of the Ministers that serve of the House of Commons Natural Resources Committee. The technical team has been studying a number of options for reactor design and whether CRPC will develop its own reactor, or work with a vendor design that will meet the needs of remote communities and mines in Canada. The goal is to have the reactor design selected by the end of November, 2009.

Well, somebody's drinking the nuclear juice! Just noticed they hired all sorts of old guys that I knew. This is probably one of those 'village' nuclear reactors that are buried and forgotten when the mine closes. Maybe it's better than burning diesel fuel...


Harbles said...

Coincidently Minister Raitt will be appearing at the Natural Resources Committee tomorrow afternoon regarding ' State of the Nuclear Industry in Canada and Abroad '


Harbles said...

Maybe they will talk about these.