Friday, September 11, 2009

Twitter Slides Towards Ads


I tried the twit one time. I couldn't keep out the flood of spam and stupidity, so I quickly burned everything! But all these darling internet services have one thing in common -- they're free and they don't interfere with anybody. And they don't make money. As soon as they decide to turn the screws for revenue, they are spit out like a sour gumdrop.

So, can the twit-people figure out a way to stop burning money, and squeeze out the juice? It will be fun to watch. I know I can't live without my ads!

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Harbles said...

Ah It's the analytics where the gold is.

Twitter recently sent out a new terms of service notice.

Ominous? Google has been doing it (data mining) for a long time, the cover is that the data is anonymized so no privacy issues.

This nice lady does a nice talk on twitter called " Twitter WTF? - Why is Twitter Called a Threat to Google? ".

You can block the spammers from tweeting you or reading your tweets , it just takes a while to go through the e-mails and screen the people who want to follow you. The Nice lady talks about finding those people who are relevant, good or important and follow them then see who they follow etc.