Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Padang is a Death Trap


Although this earthquake and resulting tsunami were tragic, it was really a very ordinary earthquake for this type of geology. I'm learning nothing from it scientifically.

It is actually a benefit if a smaller earthquake improves the situation for the real earthquake to come. With earthquakes, people are like teenagers, they totally ignore your nagging, until something whaps them in the head! We have learned here, for local tsunamis, that there is no time to recover from the earthquake before the wall of water hits. For Padang, the only escape is some rickety bridge that will be the first to fall down. The streets will all be clogged with debris.

Let's say the M9 doesn't hit for 10 years yet. Can something be done? They should build 'escape islands' that won't fall down in the earthquake.

I think it's worse when we have situations like Toronto where there will most likely never be a 'wake-up' earthquake. Nobody is prepared.

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Harold Asmis said...

To clear the confusion, there was this 'shaking' earthquake with no tsunami near Jakarta, and there was a 'tsunami' earthquake way over in the south Pacific by Samoa.