Thursday, September 3, 2009

Few Days in the Cheesy Concrete City

So, I spent the last few days doing my beer run in M'al, which is a code for a certain big city that has very good French restaurants, cheap booze, and scary concrete. I never mention anything in a clear manner, for fear of psycho-fanatics, who have no sense of humour.

This time the weather was fantastic, and I was driving through the city with the hybrid instead of the van. My brain has to click into 'Psycho Mode' in order to survive driving there, but now I do it quite easily. Not as psycho as that 'courier cruncher', but close enough.

The weather was so nice, and we had a very nice dinner in an open second-story patio restaurant in the old quarter. I love that restaurant! After, we had a nice walk, and smelled the stinky horses.

On the way out, they were repairing a bridge (that I never look at), and the traffic was backed up for 20 km! (opposite to our direction!) I kid you not! Love that place!


Harbles said...

At the restaurant I hope you looked above for decorative masonry bits held in place by corroding steel bits.
Oh that's right better not to look.

Harold Asmis said...

And when you are in that part of town, never look up and think what happens in an earthquake! Just drink more...