Sunday, May 24, 2009

Little Interest in Nuclear Waste


Now that a hunk of my sad predictions have come true, time to go on for some more. Of all the comments on my blog, the one that stung the most came from a family member who said I was 'nasty'. He's an old retired engineer, who was thoroughly buried into the self-similar old boys club, and never poked his head out. The concept of 'nasty' is probably responsible for my periodic breakdowns. You never hear of any other Canadian engineer being 'nasty', unless they can be quoted anonymously, for fear of being whacked on the pee-pee.

  1. So, after the Niagara Tunnel hits $3 billion, they will start on the Bruce deep disposal excavation. This will be worse than Niagara, since they are all the same people.
  2. Bruce will never build their ridiculous plants on seismic hotspots with no water. Nevertheless, my Nanticoke buddies will continue to be terrified. :)
  3. The Darlington nuclear plants will never get built by the current government. They won't be able to recover from 'Niagara Terror' until the economy heats up again, the old nuclear plants fail, and we can't run our electric cars.
That's it. I'm looking for all my pennies now.


Harbles said...


Hopefully you'll get a little spike in page views from the plug I left on Maclean's blog here.

Harold Asmis said...

I always plug my blog! Nice picture. Are you the beer or the kitten?