Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Turbines of Death


Ok, some people don't realize that I have my fun with wind turbines. Sure they kill the bats, and keep the birdies away from eating the locusts, but fun is fun.

I started this a long time ago because of the concept of replacing one nuclear station with wind turbines. Suddenly I saw wind turbines plastered across the whole province! What a nightmare! And we know that they don't do squat for carbon reduction, because we'll need coal or gas for peaking, and windless hot summers.

But what I really saw in this article was the standard tobacco company statement of 'no peer-reviewed results'. Has anybody started on this? Do they get any money from governments in love with wind power? Has somebody done a study with negative results? Is the wind lobby fighting tooth and nail to never allow such studies?

These things are obviously pumping out infra-sonics, and people are sensitive to that. There's a lot of science missing here, and fatuous remarks don't help much.

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