Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swine Flu to be Renamed Yucca Flu


Never mind the totally disgusting swine farms with lakes of manure and a ba-zillion flies. This name is hurting the pork business, dammit! And it would be awfully insulting to call it the Mexico flu, since why kick them when their down? We can't call it avian or bird flu, since that would hurt the turkey business.

This is just the same schmuck you get when trying to name an earthquake. Sure, everybody calls it the Kobe earthquake, but they try to get it changed to some unpronounceable name, since it would hurt the tourist business.

So I have come up with the idea of calling it Yucca Flu! You can't do any damage with that name! It's so far down it can't be kicked any more. And it's sort of in the geographical centre of North America, or some sort of thing, maybe.


Harbles said...

I was feeling Yucca last week. I thought it was a bad pizza I ate.

Speaking of medical isotopes . . . Perhaps old NRU can finally retire. In a few years if it works hard.

Harold Asmis said...

Probably as much chance of working as a brand new Maple!

Anonymous said...

The yucca flu name is taken, it's a culture-bound one though