Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nuclear Wages to be Squeezed


People are losing their jobs, so the logic conclusion is that you shouldn't pay nuclear project leaders anything. If they reduce the 'sunshine' limit to zero (where inflation will eventually put it), then it completes the 'polical-ization' of all things nuclear. My last big hope for nuclear was that they'd be able to find a 'brain', who could cut through all the schmuck, and protect the technical people below him. This is not going to happen when the pay is limited to that of low-wage career civil servants. In fact, the only people they can find are the very same who pushed the Niagara Tunnel Disaster.

So, I'm happy here in the gutter, scraping by with the very few pennies thrown at me. I would not take that stress for the pittance they are forced to pay.

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