Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

My kids are clustered around 20 years in age, and still they want an Easter Egg hunt. I get so grouchy about that! We always have as the prize the large Kinder egg surprise chocolate eggs with the toy inside. For each "little" kid I write a series of clues, trying to get very obscure for these big monsters with the heart of a 2 year old. Each piece of paper leads to the next clue, and finally the egg!

There are only so many dang places to hide these clues, and I've done them over and over again. You'd think they would have figured it out by now! I write "Ancient source of aquatic protein", and it still takes them forever to figure out the fish tank, which is one of the ten spots I've ever hid anything in.

After, they get to assemble the toys. Right now, they are zooming them across the kitchen floor! Oh, god!

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