Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Attack on the Sunshine People


The Ontario 'Sunshine' list came out, and I've been scanning for negative press. It's almost knee-jerk, following the line of 'Tear these people down!'. But it's not really a tremendous outcry.

I remember we had a competent nuclear vice-president from the States. He was the only one that I would trust to build a new nuclear plant. But his salary was about a million bucks, and the list caused a huge outcry. The hounds were released! He eventually went back to the States for twice the salary.

Now, all they got are the internal 'fearful climbers'. I only give them a 'C' on their report cards. Can they build a nuclear plant? Do they hope to overcome their mediocrity by contracting everything out, a la Niagara? Time will tell.

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