Friday, April 3, 2009

80's for Alberta?


Oh, I am sooo familiar with this! It actually started in 1976. I was a hot student in Engineering Science - Geophysics Option. Just two of us in that. In my third year, Chevron came calling. They really threw their money around, and sucked me in for a job, since I was totally impressed, and had no idea what I would do with my life. I had this system of never planning, but just striking off things I didn't like. That's how I had ended up in this option.

Chevron was unbelievably generous. All expenses paid to get there. I had the fanciest hotel for a couple of weeks, until I could find someplace. I met movie stars in the elevator! Finally, I got a room at the university.

After the first month, things started to crack. Companies all around us were doing 'explosive' firings. One day, the security guard comes, and you have to leave immediately. I couldn't stand Calgary, so I took a few days off to fetch my sister's old car, and then went to the mountains every weekend. All I did in Calgary was drink in copious amounts.

The guy who hired me disappeared. Nobody knew what to do with the students. I felt like things were falling down all around me. When I left, I swore I would never do this again, so I did my Masters in rock mechanics. After that summer, everybody started evacuating Calgary. The whole economy tanked.

Are we here again?

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