Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Review Fuji S2000HD

Ok, this recession is as bad as the horrible snowstorm outside, but there are some advantages. For example, the women went shopping, and everything that was $200 is now about $20. Since they went nuts, I bought a new camera. It was heavily discounted.

This 'Megazoom' series first started with the -7000, and I bought the -9000 a few years ago. This is the camera with which I did all my water polo shots and videos. It was absolutely sh*t quality, but it was light, and you could zoom the videos. After a year, I had to take it apart, and carve a toothpick to replace a broken shaft. It finally died when the usb port punched out, and the whole thing shorted.

But, what the heck, I got the new replacement, the S2000HD. It takes HD videos! The first thing I did was to put a test on Youtube:

It doesn't look that HD, but they are working on doing these things. I'll wait until they chew on it some more.

Anyway, this camera has a tremendous zoom, 10M pictures, and is very light. I've handled the new interchangeable lens cameras, and I don't think they are worth the weight. I never change lenses! Big Scoop: They've ditched the loser xD card format, and only use SD. I'm getting a 16G card! The video compression on HD is fantastic. It's a fraction of the old price.

Big Loser: The usb does not like Linux, but as I've seen with the other camera, I shouldn't use the usb port (a new ugly connection!), and just go with a cheap usb-sd stick. The camera will last a lot longer!

The proof in the pudding will be my next water polo tournament. If the daughter continues with Varsity water polo, then I'll have many more years of fun.

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Harold Asmis said...

Yeah! They finally got it cooked to give out HD!