Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Disaster of the Niagara Tunnel - Part 3

Part 1, Part 2

I'm doing this in small chunks, as long as my back holds out! Now, you may notice that I am writing this, with a bit of colour, as though it were the Titanic. In a way it is, the story of technical hubris, and Nature that taught them a lesson. It will be as every bit expensive, but with the lack of bodies.

Now, the Devil Rock was every bit as nasty as icebergs. How can a rock be beyond a mere lump of rock? But being riddled with micro-shears, which are the 'neurons' of ancient rock memory. How else can you explain the official excuse of: "The rock attacked us! Vertical joints suddenly appeared, when none showed up in the vertical cores!" This is truly a rock of malevolent nature, and will be expressed as such in the court case, since in order to reap his millions, the contractor must show he was totally laid low by the mystery of the rock; and his misfortune is the result of OPG getting the rock mad.

How was such a rock formed? We have done many studies of this rock, all of which are tied up behind the pay wall. I looked for all the things we funded, and couldn't find a scrap! Some may take this to be a lack of evidence, but I am above such mere trifles!

Ouch! My friggin' back! I give up!

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