Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Disaster of the Niagara Tunnel - Part 2


So, they had this perfect fantasy plan, and all that was left was to hoodwink the Provincial Government. Not that any dishonesty was involved, since they were all hookwinked themselves. Such is the power of the self-similar organization!

The fly in the ointment was that they were going through Devil Rock, the most insidious and evil rock known to man! The old tunnelers knew better than that. They could feel it in their bones. The old tunnels skirted the Heart of Darkness, and popped out early for the St. David's Gorge.

Ah, that gorge! That perfect piece of tunneling horror! Once an old path of the Niagara River, the gods themselves buried it to seal in the evil. :) (I'm reading some classic novels!).

As can be seen, not only did they have the hubris to enter the territory of the Devil Rock (just below the old tunnels), they were going for an area where the rock was extremely irritated, due to the presence of the old gorge. In more scientific terms, the Queenston Shale would have been under much higher stresses under the gorge.

And why was this rock so evil? It was not like ordinary rock, which instantly springs back when stresses are relieved, no this rock retained all the memory of its tumultuous upbringing, brooding on it, hating the world. (There I go again!).

-my back is going out! ---to be continued.

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