Monday, January 26, 2009

Canada Infrastructure: Obama-Opposite


I don't know why I latched onto this. It's just that I think there might be a new era of blogging down in the States, but up here we're firmly Bush Era. That is, spend a lot of money without a speck of intelligence! How will new infrastructure projects be handled here? Same as always, in back offices, with a lot of heavy drinking. It's not that I have anything against the alcoholics, whoops, hard curling drinkers, that control out lives, it's just what they end up doing. They live such a life of excuses and cover-ups, that everything they do is flavoured by this.

I don't think that Iggy is our new Obama, since I get the impression that he wants to be a Sun King, as much as that other guy. Down the road, we'll be stuck in our backwater, and something new may happen below the border. Stay tuned for our ultimate backroom deal: the new nuclear plant!

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