Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Big Rockburst in Mine


Yeah, somebody clicked, so I'll do something! This was a fairly big rockburst, measuring out at M3.8. Luckily nobody was hurt. It would be interesting if they had extra seismic monitoring, and one could look for signals that would have given some indication that the mechanism was starting up.


Silver Fox said...

Notice that people have been in the mining business in Timmins long enough that no one even thinks about claiming it was a *natural* event like at Crandall Canyon. Also, the mine probably doesn't have MSHA to tell them how to mine!

What? Do we have to click to get a report out of you! On your site, or on that add on the side?

Harold Asmis said...

Yes, If my clicks on the ads are humming along, then I'm Happy-Happy! Otherwise, I think that nobody loves me. :(

In your case, you love me with comments, so you don't have to sully yourself with the sleazy ads. :)

Silver Fox said...

Oh, good. Sometimes I'm afraid to click on those things! Do you "vet" all of them, or are they placed there randomly by google?

Harold Asmis said...

They are all random by Google, but they are safe. I can zap out any ads that stick around too long, and bug me, like that insane guys ads.

Anonymous said...

Extra seismic monitoring would be nice but it isn't going to stop all mining incidents. Rock can't be looked at as a continuum material, it's harness is very high but it never withstands the theoretical amount of stress that it should. It usually shears apart along cleavage planes. Unusual distribution of minerals also causes areas much weaken than their surroundings.
Plane and simple, underground mining is dangerous, areas under seemingly little stress can collapse unexpectedly. Even a large and well known mining company such as X-Strata can't prevent the danger.

Harold Asmis said...