Thursday, November 13, 2008

Using the 'Obama Stick'


Get used to this! The article has the first use of the 'Obama Stick', which means the nattering greenies are saying 'Obama wouldn't do that!'. Well, Obama is going to have a tough time pouring in a few months of cash at the Useless Big Three, and then cutting off their electricity!

Well, the greenies shouldn't be worried about Pickering refurbishment, since it will never happen. Those units have been thoroughly destroyed by the janitors. We have to move on to ridiculous new plants that nobody wants to build because they are so impossible. Meanwhile, China is going to put up 9 new reactors, while we get bogged down in one (or a half-dozen, if you believe Mr. Bruce!).

I think recessions clean up the bad things that went on before, and a severe electrical shortage will clean up the political pandering that is interfering with common sense. Will I still be around to write about it?

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