Saturday, November 1, 2008

Simplified Geology Leads to Cookie-Cutter Site Evaluations


With the grade-school geology that the Bruce Mob specializes in, it costs them nothing to hoist up another site flag. Like their 'Deep Repository Branch', they define all of Ontario geology as 'Stable Paleozoic over Stable Pre-Cambrian'. Considering that they and the Feds have adopted this 'Site a Week' strategy to annoy the infinitely slow Province, we take great joy in predicting their next moves.

What terrible sites will they come up with in the next few months?

Sarnia: With the extraction of salt and oil, giant sinkholes are now constantly opening up. There's an old power station in the middle of this mess, perfect for the BM!

Cornwall: Site of the famous 1944 earthquake, this area could use the jobs, and would welcome a phony site plan.

North Channel: I did the geophysics there, and found there was not a speck of solid rock big enough for a nuclear power plant. Perfect!

Ottawa River: There are several good sites on the Ottawa Graben, the biggest fracture zone in eastern Canada. The really hot zones are where the Ontario Megathrusts rip up the graben. Chalk River is one such site, so this would be great for the BM, and the Feds would like it too, since it takes attention away from the junky isotope factory.

Once they use up these sites, I could come up with some more, and the Province still won't have started anything at Darlington!


Harbles said...

Deep Breathly.

Teh Stupid hurtz I know.

Harold Asmis said...

Did that sound nasty? I'm calm now.