Saturday, November 22, 2008

Seismic Risk to the Golden Horseshoe

I'm digging up more old papers. This one used the term 'Economic Core', which might not be appropriate now. :)

I got my name on these papers, in the latter, wasted years, by simply never telling the bosses! And they never read anything!

Here, we got in the influence of water, which I think is the key to seismicity in this neck of the woods.

Now, we're getting into some Serious Geology, as opposed to Simple Geology, which is what they use for siting nuclear facilities.

We paid a lot for this special magnetic survey. Pity nobody uses it, doesn't fit into Paris Hilton Geology.
Imagine what this would look like for the Bruce site!

Such nice seismicity depth profiles! This only comes from having a very dense array of seismometers.

According to every international standard that I have read, this starts to approach the level of effort required to site a nuclear facility of any type. Nobody does this in the States (except Diablo Canyon!), not in Japan, and certainly not in Canada. Will their feet ever be put to the fire? Will we rise above the rinky-dink and see Real Geology? Naah.

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