Monday, November 24, 2008

Resting Phase for Blog

I'm now in a resting phase, since I am uninspired. I've had too many 'deaths' and resurrections to see anything into this, but one day I'll just slip into a blog coma.

Tomorrow, I go to my big CSA recognition dinner, along with a zillion other people being recognized. (If everybody is special, then .....). I then go to my first standards meeting, ever since I ran.

It would be good to quell my blog addiction, and put it to bed. I've given up on the Ontario nuclear scene, and comments on world earthquakes are a dime a dozen. The US has to totally give up on nuclear since they will never have a waste repository as good as Nevada, but I have some hope for Canada, after they get through all this initial silliness.


Mona Albano said...

We have the Canadian Shield! How can we not have some stable ground?

Anonymous said...

I'm involved with a grassroots group trying to stop Bruce from building in Nanticoke. We have a website:

You seem to be the sort of guy who has a lot of good information that could be helpful to us. If you agree and have the inclination, I'd love to chat on the phone. Email me with your phone # if you're interested.
Jim Elve