Friday, November 7, 2008

New Nuclear Site - No New Science Expected

They actually went and did it! They formally applied for the site in Nanticoke. I don't know how they are getting away with just using the skimpy Federal Environmental Assessment rules, I thought new sites still went with Ontario rules. Did they win a blanket for all nuclear sites?

Time for me to do one of my geological assessments! God knows they won't do it! They'll just use the 30 year old 'stable layer cake' model, and remark on how wonderful it is that two major seismicity zones are on either side of the site, but not actually at the site!

In the good old days, when I used to walk 30 miles to school in a snowstorm, we would be doing some good science to support this. Now, it's all a big political show.

Are they just doing all these sites as some sort of grand diversion?
Where's another radio station?


Anonymous said...

Hi H.
I'm in the middle. Not knowing enough, cynical about the politics, knowing the incompetence in the established institutions. We think that the CNSC is the solution to our worries. We trust, cuz that's all most of us can do (CANDU). We think a oversight body will save us, and we turn our heads and don't think.
As in the Peace River sites for new nukes, the public has the idea that we've built nukes before, so we can just cookie cutter the box and stick it where the money is and the public can be assuaged, with the help of bribes in the form of money for arenas. You ask, What happened to the Ontario standards? What did happen? In these times money and jobs may rule the day!
Bottom line: I suspect I know what your saying, but I don't know what to do, or ask who what!

/Zinging electron carriers, Peter

Harold Asmis said...

The science and degree of effort going into all of this is really sub-standard. I don't know who is responsible for upgrading the situation.

Anonymous said...

At least with OPG there is the pretense and expectation of transparency from a crown corporation. With a private company all that goes out the window. The socio-economic-safety impact of these things are not just the domain of the share-holders.
I suppose the CNSC should be the body to answer questions? The legislature? It was bad enough when it was only OntarioHydro...