Tuesday, October 28, 2008

YADE - Discrete Element Method

Once again, I am bored. There is nothing to write about! I just found out that any chance of anybody paying me is a year away! So although I am free to write about all the local follies, I am currently loathe to do so. I think I'll wait until it becomes totally obvious, even to our lovable local media.

Now I'm working on these neato computer program- YADE. It has a wiki here. As is usual with these things, I have no idea what I am doing, but the program is compiling as I speak. It's something like a finite element program, but can work with discrete elements, such as loose spheres. I probably don't have enough computing power.

With such a program, you can have a stack of bricks, or pile of spheres, and do something to them, such as excavate a tunnel. Then you can watch the whole thing fall down, if you are dumb enough to drill a circular hole in high horizontal stresses! I am particularly interested in the 'Lattice Configuration', which is great for fracture propagation.

The lattice somewhat resembles a standard finite element model, but you can do weird things, like this.

They have modeled a piece of concrete with notches, and want to propagate a fracture.

This is precisely what I want to do with my little 'circular hole' project. As well, the program can model what happens when you cut out the toe of a slope.


Silver Fox said...

That's a lot of words for someone who doesn't know what to write about! I think that boredom and low creativity comes in waves, just like depression can. When I'm in the low part of the wave, I just try to ride it out. During the low part of the creative cycle, your mind is either "resting" or is creating inspirations for the next high part of the creative cycle.

That's a terribly unscientific explanation of it, however - probably brain experts know more about this sort of thing and can explain it in terms of rebounding synapses or yada yada...

Harold Asmis said...

Thank you. You and my brother-in-law, who faithfully clicks every day, keep me going.

My clicking is going slow, so I've decided to start making my own wine again! It's good for the boys who keep stealing wine when they make their short visits for food.