Tuesday, October 28, 2008

No Place to Poop after Major Earthquake

Only in Japan, in the land of automatic bum-washer toilets, would this be headline news. With buildings crashing down, no food or water, dead people all around you, how to do a proper poop is on top of your list! The solution? Always carry tissues, and a plastic poop bag. Maybe a fold-out screen to allow some privacy. But where to deposit the poop? That waits for another study!


Anonymous said...

Well, I can relate, having done fieldwork in remote areas. My advice is to bury it deep enough that animals will be unlikely to dig it up.

I used to go fishing for 2 weeks with my parents & brothers every summer on Lower Beverly Lake, near Delta, Ontario. Great fun. Even spent my honeymoon in a cottage there. Now I'm in California, studying & reporting earthquakes for the Dept. of Water Resources. (I'm originally from near Rochester, NY).

JDA, M.S. Geophysics, Sacramento, Calif.

Harold Asmis said...

I suppose, after the major earthquake, you can just poop where you think the next building will collapse. Very sanitary!

Ah, an earthquake job in California! How wonderful. Much easier than doing anything with earthquakes in Toronto!