Thursday, October 23, 2008

More Dry Casks

I love dry casks. They are so great when they are brand new, but they are built cheaply, housed in crappy warehouses, or not housed at all. Now, the west coast gets a hunk of them, right beside the jellyfish dump.

At their very best, a dry cask for nuclear fuel is a temporary container that is ready to ship to a final repository. At its worst, it's a cheap steel barrel, stored outside, ready to rust. In the US, every subsistence country nuclear utility has come up with their own fantastic ideas to reduce costs. So, where will we be in 50 years? I don't know.

And speaking of cheap casks, here's a Google puzzle, and you have to guess where it is, since I'm not mentioning their name anymore, in hope of getting big money.

These are the cheapest casks ever! They are supported on these rusty long legs with a hunk of welds missing. A good earthquake will knock them over like bowling pins, but they shouldn't actually roll into the lake. You can always defend them by saying that the steel should hold, maybe. Also, they only hold radioactive metal parts, not used fuel. So they can defend them, blah, blah, to the nth degree, in the sleepy media.


Anonymous said...

I'd guess Bruce

Harold Asmis said...

No! You're the first one to guess, and it's Pickering!

Anonymous said...

The enchanted forest!