Friday, October 24, 2008

Japan Nuclear Earthquake - No Records

I don't think anybody will take this as hard as myself, but I just found out that no accelerometer records survive from the big Japanese earthquake. This is the one that has shut down a nuclear plant forever. They were over-written by subsequent earthquake activity.

Now I will never find out the PGV, which is the most important thing. As well, this pretty well confirms that in-plant accelerometers never work when called upon. No wonder they can't get this plant back up!


Anonymous said...

They had the darn recorders set wrong, apparently. You can choose to write until memory is full, or overwrite. They chose wrong...

Harold Asmis said...

I am really sad about that. I also want the PGV for that Japan earthquake that produced the 6g acceleration!

A good seismic record could get a plant up sooner. If you had a constraint on PGV you constrain the chances of internal 'hidden' damage.