Sunday, September 21, 2008

Food safety outcry

This article shows that people may have woken up about secret government organizations. They want some action. I seriously doubt that it makes a difference, but one day, when the disaster is even bigger, it might.

Here is my manifesto for food safety and other regulatory bodies. It tries to lay in some fundamental forces to prevent the rise of political toadies.

No decisions behind closed doors. Everything should be open, like some central banks. There should be written input, and a written justification for a decision. We don't want any meetings like the famous Listeria stand-up routine.

Staff input should be written and transparent. We want to prevent the creation of the large self-similar organization. This is a recipe for disaster. There should be external input at various stages, somewhat similar to what NASA is now doing.

More blogs by influential people within the organization. We, the public, need some indication of intelligence. The worst organizations are ruthless, Stalinist, and 'toe the line'. I've mentioned a few of these before. (HInt: waste).


Harbles said...

Quite amazing how right leaning governments put a higher priority on corporate convienience and profit than in public safety.
For example in the States one company wants to test all the cattle it slaughters for Mad cow but the government won't let them because it may eventually cause pressure on the rest of the producers to test as well.

Money talks everybody else too bad.

Harold Asmis said...

Part of the 'dark interests' is the fact that they also represent the food producers. It's amazing how much of our lives are dependent on these dark quasi-government bodies. If they screw up, we just take it.