Monday, September 22, 2008

Food Fog - Feeble Fastidiousness

Run! We're in a Food Fog! More about the state of food safety in this country (NONE!).

Makes me wonder about all the other dark bodies that are responsible for both the vendor and consumer, such as:

Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission - slightly separated, but still joined at the hip.

Fisheries - eaten any poison mussels lately?

Drat, can't think of any more!

I wonder what would happen if the air safety people had to promote the airline business as well. There would be an immediate response as airplanes fell out of the sky, and nobody would fly anymore. The air industry itself would demand a separation! But these food and nuclear things take forever to cause trouble, so the farmers and nuclear vendors are quite happy.

(I wonder if the Elevator safety people sell elevators?)

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