Monday, September 29, 2008

The end of the keyboard?

Here's something that affects all of us compulsive bloggers. Could we live without a keyboard? Now, I know the first impulse would be: "Waaah! I need my keyboard! I write thousands of words a day!" Now, I know that we bloggers are a bit weird, but compare this with the teeny keyboards of todays nifty Eeepc's, etc. I would love one, but the keyboard is tight on my fingers. If I wanted something as nifty as this, I might as well go keyboardless!

The software keyboard could expand on just the letters I am using. It could adjust dynamically to my typing style. Imagine typing with 10 finger squiggles, instead of large finger motions, in fact we may get a replacement for ugly qwerty!

If we ever are going to get small neato purse computers, where we can blog with free wifi at Starbucks, we are going to have to accept this, in one form or another, since the big ugly keyboard is unshrinkable.

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