Saturday, September 20, 2008

CERN is Human, too

I was worried that somehow CERN was above us all. That in their high quest to find the Higgs, they had transcended mere Humanity. Whew, that was a load of horse shit! Good old CERN is as flaky as anything else in Europe!


Harbles said...

I urge you not be too harsh. It takes a month to warm it up a few days probably to fix it then another month to cool down again.

Now if the problem is a fundamental design flaw then yes a disaster if all super conducting joints have to be reworked.

But if the problem is installation or random flaw then not so bad. A few months to get back up and continue commissioning the beam.

Updates at USLHC Blogs.

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Harold Asmis said...

Yeah, the ads don't suck!!!

I'm not predicting a disaster, since I know nothing about the internal structure of cern, but they're not gods either.

And some tuning is required, but these are major blowouts. I might get the impression that they didn't put enough attention to the less glamorous parts, such as pipes and toilets (or transformers). Perhaps these poor people got stepped on by the Higgs-Gods??