Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bruce Power II - Tiptoeing around the OPG lease

Nobody is interested in going through the Bruce documents, but I'm still reading them, and I recommend them for anybody suffering from random anxiety, which I am prone to do.

In the first place, the OPG lease makes no provision for a new plant which will be in competition with OPG's plans. The lease makes it very difficult, so Bruce is forced to work in very confined area, and merely imply that it is a natural 'upgrade'. Look to some serious courtroom drama, if this gets serious!

Now we can look at the big map. Oh look! There is a perfect site at the old OPG heavy water plant! Lots of room, easy access to water, straight-out switch yards, a dream come true! Oh drat! It belongs to OPG, and they hate Bruce! So no plant there.

Instead, they will be working on the tiny sliver of land beside Bruce A. Quite a squeeze! You'd think there would be an environmental effect of doing something so irrational, but it isn't in the documents. Shall we add a factor of two to the cost?

I'm just into the first few pages. More later.

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