Monday, September 22, 2008

Bruce Env Imp - Part 1

I've decided to start the equivalent of a 'Book of the Month Club', only we'll call this the 'Self-Serving Document of the Month Club.' With this club, we won't criticize any document, no, that's too much acid. Instead, we'll go over the fine art of the document writer such as: gloss-over, redirection, snow, and lack of accountability. Then, we'll compare it to other fine documents such as: "Melamine - Safe as Houses", by the China Melamine Producers.

Today, we'll start with the very first page of the recent Bruce Env Imp Doc (my short-form). Observe, the masters at work:

It used to be in my day, that a submission would be stamped 'Approved', by the person that held total responsibility (not that he really held any responsibility). Now, they are terrified by that word, and only 'recommend' and 'accept'. What the heck does that mean? I think it is magnificent!

I haven't gotten any further into the document, because something got caught in my throat. Feel free to join the club, buy me a drink, and join in on our discussion! I won't proceed with my club, if there is no interest.

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