Monday, September 29, 2008

Bruce EIS leaves out DGR data

As I've said the Bruce EIS deliberately goes 'grade-school' on their geology, mainly because of their audience. I thought they left out the results from the deep boreholes because they weren't done yet, but they are!

That's right, there they are! I can only find the glossy-happy review, but points go to anyone who can find the original report, although I suppose that would also be heavily edited. The good news is that the actual limestone of the repository is quite impermeable, although they say nothing about all the rock to get there. And the weenies stopped at the Precambrian! Why would they do that? I would have loved to see the rock quality there, and get a measurement of the stresses. After all they are on a giant fault, and these results would have been scientifically more significant than drilling into the San Andreas!

I would suspect that had they measured the stress in the limestone and Precambrian, they would have found alarmingly low stresses. After all the rock in such a fractured zone has to have some solid chunks! That's what they found with the Bruce A&B construction, the boreholes gave no indication of the larger bulk properties.

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