Friday, September 26, 2008

Bruce EIS - 4

Well, I've read the whole thing, in my usual manner (which involves a lot of blah-blah skimming!). I must say that I am totally impressed that a schlep like me could get access to read it! Ah the wonders of the internet age! In my day, we had one copy for the public, to be read only in a locked, airless, dim room, with no photocopies!

I must admit that their construction plan is total fantasy, but who's left to argue? I think they killed off (retired) anybody who knew what it was like there. Their plan is laid out like it was Darlington! Oh boy, are they in for a surprise!

Well, maybe they want to deliberately gloss over the mucky details. After all, the panel has no civil engineers. They are just concerned with the locals and birds.

Still, the geology and seismicity assessment is grade-school, and with the low PGV of about 2 cm/sec, I hope they can convince the CNSC that no extra seismic design is necessary. Just plop on any old nuclear plant!

Such is the charmed life of innocents! I wish them the best of luck! Myself, I am off to wash out my brain....

ps. I'm leaving this roadkill alone for now. It was just a prep for the real one at Darlington.

pps. Amazingly enough, they feel they have total power to choose whatever nuclear plant they want, and to never enter into any negotiations with OPG!


Harbles said...

Yeah .. but what's the good news?

We wont need that much electricity in the next decade due to global economic collapse.


Harold Asmis said...

That's always the best time to build a nuclear plant!