Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Scapegoat Scaped

The sad story of the Davis-Besse scapegoat draws to a close. He was at the lowest level of management, where the good scapegoats are to be found, since nobody cares about them. It's far harder to try and scape a worker, since they have unions, and other workers will rally around them. Better to go after hated management.

More interesting is the fine art of setting up the scapegoat. Management doesn't have any protection, so when the big whigs say "Lie, or we'll kill you.", they can really do it. In this case, there were millions of dollars at stake, in running things a bit longer. Did the goat get these millions of dollars? I think not.

That's why everything done in management is verbal. There's always a lot of screaming and intimidation. The abusers are themselves abused. I haven't seen too many of these guys live to a ripe old age.


Harbles said...

The Company involved also played a role in causing the great
Blackout of '03

So privately owned utilities cannot be trusted to make the public good a priority over profits so utilities must remain publicly owned. Except that Governments have highly variable levels of competence to manage large enterprises like energy generation so they create Crown Corporations to provide said utilities. However as we have seen many times these corporations are rife with incompetence and toadyism.

So if you were King of the world how would it be done?

Harold Asmis said...

I should finish my knol article, but since nobody is feeding my money by clicking, I'm not inspired. :)

You're up against some very fundamental human nature here, and opening things up may be the best. Also some good measurement showing how close everyone is dancing to death.