Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Last Story Teller

Something came up the other day, and I realized that I'm the last keeper of the geotechnical oral history of the old company. Nothing was ever documented, and I acquired my knowledge by long drives, and drill-watching with the really old (and dead) guys. This knowledge has always got me into trouble, as I tend to be a Casandra:

The rock under St. David's Gorge is going to be terrible!
The soil around Pickering is crap!
You can't use the old seismic assumptions to build a new plant!

It's this last one that may bring about another delay in the nuclear bidding. I wish them luck, but Ontario has placed the full burden of seismic approval on the vendors, and these guys don't know anything about the geotechnical or seismic environment. I know it all!

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