Friday, August 22, 2008

Canada moves well after the fact

In fact, I think Canada deserves the gold medal for the fastest response of closing the barn door, after the horse has gone. This reminds me of so much that went on in the nuclear plants, and general earthquake emergency response.

I remember when the Americans took over the old company for a short time. They had a great party time, and stole all the women. For a while I made myself known to them, and they loved me as long as I toed the line. One thing I told them was that we were the very best in Crisis Mode. We could instantly bring up a team, and pay everyone overtime. There were none better, and we did it a lot. Foolish Americans, they thought they could change this!

Eventually, I became their enemy and they tried to destroy me. For once I was glad I was in a Big Ugly Union, and only had to hide under a rock for a while, until their attention wandered to somebody else.


Harbles said...

The propane explosion and subsequent investigation at sunrise propane is indeed most interesting.

The issue of why a truck to truck transfer is inherently more hazardous than a truck to tank transfer is most curious.

I found information about a catastrophic explosion at a propane facility in France that was attributed to improper use of a dual valve system to provide backup in case a valve freezes (moisture) due to the temperature drop caused by the pressure difference across a partially opened valve.

Dung Occurs?

Not embracing a 'safety culture'?

People never learn?


Harold Asmis said...

The thing about propane is that you could have a thousand big leaks and nobody knows about it, until that one with a spark!