Monday, August 25, 2008

Bell mucks up security

The Bell Canada billing system has to be run by Redmond. It is soooo slow! And today, it totally mucked up! It was showing both my name (since I was logged on), and another person's name. For the sake of drama, I won't tell who's bill I eventually saw, since this sort of thing is not supposed to happen.

Look for the strange name on the bottom! It's very interesting, if I just got my bill, then the whole thing gets dismissed 'as nothing'. If I got her bill, then there is a big scandal, and the usual 'It will never happen again!". (I got my bill).

This reminds me of my famous 'MBANX' incident, which happen many years ago, and is still on the Internet. Seems the Bank of Montreal wanted to get 'cool', and was calling their on-line banking mbanx. There was talk of the whole thing becoming mbanx. Until I came along, and destroyed the whole thing!

The old company had a brilliant computer security guy that I knew, and he had set up the new firewall. It was a new thing that everybody going through the firewall had their IP translated to one IP (all firewalls do that now). Well, poor old mbanx wasn't ready for that trick. We were getting people getting into other people's accounts! I, of course, was a big blabber, and made a small note of it in a computer security mailing list.

Ha, ha! The local newspaper actually read this, and splashed it! Down came the president on mbanx on our president! Once more Harold had to hide under a rock! The final dust settled, and mbanx stole away our computer security guy for a lot of money. They also dropped the name in shame, a huge financial loss. I didn't get any of this money, boo hoo!

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