Monday, June 16, 2008

World record PGA recorded in Japan

Until now, the highest has been in California, at about 2g. Now we've got 4 g! Of course, I consider that meaningless, I'd much rather have the PGV!

For me, this confirms another 'super quake', or super-shear 'Fist of God', thrust rupture. Good thing most people were on rock! I suspect the PGV on rock is not that high, perhaps under 0.5 m/s. I still haven't found the PGV for the Japan nuclear plant earthquake, which I suspect is about 2 m/s.

The next papers from the BSSA will show that the modern scientific world (the part that I respect) has moved totally away from PGA and is using PGV. Only the old nuclear world clings to PGA!

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