Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer time, not much going on

The sunshine is really good for us depressives. You should get 10 minutes of un-sunblocked sun every day, for sufficient Vitamin D.

Now that the government has made its big announcement, we expect to have them go to sleep for the next few months. I expect a few more earthquakes this summer, because of the Sumatra earthquake-triggering, but most of them will be remote.

Next week, I start fishing for the rock bass to clear them out around the dock, to make room for my largemouth bass pets. I'm actually going on a few canoe trips, which is amazing for an old guy!

I'm not getting broadband at the cottage, since it is horrendously expensive. Maybe by next year, they will be reasonable, so, for now, I won't be doing any blogging from the cottage, since it is a total nightmare at dial-up speeds!

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